Meet the authors creating worlds from the depths of their minds…

Born in a small town, left for a while, came back, settled in, here for the long haul.

Airian Eastman

Airian Eastman – Writer, Gamer, Garden Witch, Herbalist, Publisher

Just a small town girl – living in anything but a lonely world. She began writing at the age of ten, beginning her own chapter from her grandmother’s legacy as a writer. She founded Eastman Books in 2013. When not writing she can be found digging in the earth, traveling and creating memories while dreaming of new adventures.

I like to read. I love movies. I enjoy gaming. I stumbled onto writing when I married my wife.

Michael Eastman

Michael Eastman – Writer, Dungeon Master, Skills Specialist

Michael’s debut as an author came in 2020 when he published Death Unbound, co-writing with wife Airian. His series Last Light will span five books. After being bit by the writing bug he enjoys talking about the experience at local festivals and events. When not writing he enjoys spending time with his dogs, gaming with friends and travel.