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Contemporary Romance Trilogy

Follow the story of James and Cadence Breckenridge, son, Caden James and granddaughter Melody Cay as they struggle with life and love. This sweet romance series will tear at the heart-strings, so have your tissues in hand.



Death Unbound (Book One): A mysterious man appears the same night Cameron is attacked and without knowing why she feels completely drawn to him. Her ordinary and safe world changes as she watches Michael, a blind, deaf homeless man transform to a strong, intense and passionate companion. While Cameron begins to dream of a life with Michael there is a disconnect. He remains detached from humanity, his customs and worldly views are strange, almost alien and Cameron fears he will break her heart before she can even touch his.

The backdrop of their budding romance, Ithaca, is becoming darker. In the shadows of ivy covered buildings and artistic freedom, voices ring out for change, growth and love as the streets grow more unsafe at the hands of emerging violence. Fear creeps into the heart and mind of the city that even Cameron can feel and it doesn’t take her long to suspect Michael is at the center of it all. While Cameron tries to figure out who Michael really is, Michael begins to find his purpose. Can they come together and fight the violence in the city or is it too late to turn the tides?


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Letting Hope Enter is a collection of heart warming and heart breaking stories of the dark side of the human condition. This charity anthology is made up of stories focused on suicide awareness and prevention. My story, Seconds, deals with the aftermath of heartbreak and how devastating grief can be.


Heller Maple Farms: A Family’s Legacy

leafHeller Maple Farms was the largest Maple Sugar Business in Cortland County in the late 20th century. The book, a dream of my father’s was to be a backyard how-to guide. Learn one family’s story and a bit about the sweet business of tapping trees.

Release: Spring 2019