Forever Family

A Kiss for Cadence, Breckenridge Boys and Melody’s Song follows three generations of men and women as thy struggle with life, love, tragic endings and new beginnings.



When Cadence’s husband, Nathan leaves her for a younger woman, she’s plagued by self-doubt and struggles to reconnect with the life and family she abandoned years ago for him.

As she settles into her small town routine she comes to realize that James, the carpenter working on her mother’s home, is much more than he first appeared. With his haunting eyes and playful grin, he offers her little insight and she can’t shake the feeling they’ve met before.

After taking the leap and opening herself to love and a chance at happiness, Cadence believes she finally has it all. When Nathan returns, her life flips upside down and her freedom hangs in the balance.

Will she be able to let go of her fears and survive the threat against her or is fate determined to tear her down?




James Breckenridge waited decades for his true love only to lose her in a tragic accident, one he blames on his carelessness. Faced with raising his son alone, James knows he failed to provide Caden the loving, stable home he deserved.

Caden Breckenridge has lived in the shadow of his mother’s ghost since childhood, knowing no women will ever stay. A tragic accident claims the life of his best friend and leaves Caden with scars that run deep. Life comes full circle when he begins to raise his daughter on his own.

Melody brings out something in the men, a joy and lightness they have not known. Open to the possibilities they began to explore what life can be, if they allow their demons to settle and hope to grow. But the past has a way of catching up, and as Caden learns secrets about his mother, he sees a pattern that must be broken.

Can James bury his past to preserve his son’s future? Can Caden confront his fears to save his beloved wife in time? What began in A Kiss for Cadence comes home in Breckenridge Boys.


Melody’s Song: Coming Soon

Melody Breckenridge has it all. A loving family, a promising future, and the heart of her childhood sweetheart.

A championship equestrian with Olympic dreams, she madly in love with Jasmine’s who’s dream of being a star threatens to push them apart.

When Melody meets fellow equestrian Tommy a fierce competitor, she takes an instant disliking to him. He is spoiled, privileged and arrogant, everything she thinks she’s not. Still, there is something alluring about him and the tension leaves her conflicted.

As her twenty-first birthday approaches Melody’s life takes a turn and she must confront who she is. Can she put aside her childhood dreams and embrace a new, uncertain future, or will her stubborn, uncompromising ways leave her broken and alone?